Suavecito committed itself early on to becoming a cultural phenomenon. It is not enough for us to have traditional, well-crafted grooming products that work. Instead, we want to take things a step further...

Growing up in the custom car, motorcycle and tattoo scene, we were early users of traditional hair pomades and grooming products.

Disappointed with the existing options at the time for hair pomades and the types of companies that represented them, we were even more disappointed with the pricepoint that these companies were trying to charge.

Coming from humble beginnings in Santa Ana, California, we were not used to paying over $10.00 for a hair product and, frankly, couldn’t afford to use these products daily.

We set out to develop a pomade that was for us: a fragrance we liked, a formula that worked for our unique hair types and, most importantly, a price point that someone our age in our community could easily afford.

With short funds in hand and some friends in the barber industry to help, Suavecito was born and began to spread all throughout the Orange County car, motorcycle, tattoo and barbershop scenes.

Since Suavecito’s start, our line has expanded immensely into a full men’s grooming line, a female branch of the company called Suavecita and a high-end men's grooming line called Suavecito Premium Blends.


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